Biocalis Medical is distributing the newest generation penile prosthesis and testicular implants. Our portfolio consists of penile prosthesis with a wide size options including 9mm,10mm, 11mm, 12mm and 13mm implants in width and 23cm to 25cm trimmable rods in length.

All the urology line products are manufactured in Rigicon’s state of the art manufacturing facilities located in New York USA according to the latest FDA and CE requirements.

Rigicon Rigi10 malleable penis protezi

Rigicon Malleable Penile Prosthesis

Rigicon, malleable penile and testicular prostheses are manufactured according to FDA and CE regulations and available for use by patients. Rigicon new generation penis prostheses are a more robust, more natural and more effective solution than any existing foldable prosthesis. Rigicon malleable penile prostheses offer the most effective and reliable solution for erectile dysfunction.

It is aimed to use the most suitable product for patients with 5 different size options.
Bükülebilir (Malleable) Penil Protezler
Prosthesis Product CodeProsthesis DiametersProsthesis SizesExpanders
RG10099 mm23 cm
RG101010 mm23 cm0.5 cm
RG101111 mm25 cmve
RG101212 mm25 cm1 cm
RG101313 mm25 cm
Soft Malleable Penile Prostheses
Prosthesis Product CodeProsthesis DiametersProsthesis LengthsExpanders
RGS10099 mm23 cm
RGS101010 mm23 cm0.5 cm
RGS101111 mm25 cmand
RGS101212 mm25 cm1 cm
RGS101313 mm25 cm
Rigicon Testi10 Silikon ve Saline Doldurulabilir Testis Protezleri

Rigicon Testicular Prosthesis: (Firm and Saline-filled Testis Prosthesis)

Rigicon prostheses, American Rigicon Inc. in New York.

Rigicon manufactures the highest quality products for the demand of our physicians and patients with firm and saline-filled prostheses.

Silicon (Firm) Testicular Prosthesis
Product codeA (Length)B (Diameter)Volume
TestiF-XS2.7 cm2.1 cm6 cc
TestiF-S3.2 cm2.6 cm12 cc
TestiF-M4.1 cm2.9 cm18 cc
TestiF-L4.7 cm3.2 cm22 cc
TestiF-XL5.1 cm3.2 cm26 cc
Saline Filled Testicular Prosthesis
Product CodeA (Length)B (Diameter)Volume
TestiSF-XS2.7 cm2.1 cm6 cc
TestiSF-S3.2 cm2.6 cm12 cc
TestiSF-M4.1 cm2.9 cm18 cc
TestiSF-L4.7 cm3.2 cm22 cc
TestiSF-XL5.1 cm3.2 cm26 cc
Sebbin Testis Protezi

Sebbin Testicular Prosthesis:

Sebbin testicular prostheses are produced by Sebbin company in Paris. Prosthesis of the prostate are 5 different size, gel filled soft consistency dentures.

Sebbin Testis Protezleri

Product codeSizeDiameterVolume
LS 01 0252.5 cm2.1 cm6 cc
LS 01 0343.4 cm2.7 cm12 cc
LS 01 0404.0 cm3.0 cm17 cc
LS 01 0505.0 cm3.3 cm27 cc
LS 01 0535.3 cm3.8 cm38 cc