Plastic Surgery

Biocalis Medical is committed to supplying the most advanced breast and body implants. Our company is offering one of the widest range of Breast and Body implants for Reconstructive and Cosmetic needs of the doctors and patients.

Our products are sold through our own sales force and through our strong network of sub-distributors. Our plastic Surgery Line is consisting of Anatomic / Round Breast Implants, Gluteus Implants, Calf Implants, Nasal Statents and Tissue Expanders in various types. We can also supply custom tailored Breast Implants in various volume from 60 to 1505cc.

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Sebbin Meme Protezi

Breast Prosthesis (Round, Anatomical, Special Implant Implants)

Our breast implant group; It consists of 18 different types of breast prostheses with different cohesivity and stiffness, anatomically and round, and custom-made prostheses produced from 60cc to 1505cc according to the preferences of physicians and patients. They may be round or anatomical, pre-filled with silicone gel, which is always cohesive but of variable firmness according to taste or inflatable with physiological saline solution, with different projections and coming in many different sizes. They allow women to reconstruct themselves both from a cosmetic and a psychological point of view…

Sebbin Deri Genişleticiler

Skin Expanders

Our expedition group; Rectangular, Cylinder, Round, Anatomic, Crescent and Kidney-shaped 7 different types of skin expander product consists of. Our company has developed a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit all types of tissue augmentation surgery.

Sebbin Bacak Protezleri

Calf Implants

Our product group consists of lower leg prostheses of different sizes and sizes ranging from 40 cc to 165cc. Used mainly in reconstruction and in restorative surgery, these implants can also be used from a cosmetic point of view to give shape to calves that are considered too thin.

Sebbin Gluteal Kalca Protezleri

Gluteal Implants

Well-known in Brazil for over 20 years from a cosmetic point of view, these implants have been introduced in France for some years, both for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. Sebbin recommends the use of gluteal implants by surgeons who are trained in this operating technique.
Sebbin Short Chin Yüz Protezi

Facial Implants

Groupe Sebbin extends its range of silicone implants with its facial implants: chin or malar implants to be used for aesthetic improvement of the chin or the cheekbones.
Sebbin Nasal Stent

Nasal Stent

Our Nasal Stents are produced in 7 different types to meet the needs of infants, children, adolescents and adults. Discover our nasal stent: this medical device is made to maintain post-operative results in cleft lip and palate surgery and help patients to breathe correctly with their nose.

Sebbin Nasal Stent

Nasal stent

Nasal stent once cut by the surgeon

Nasal stent once cut by the surgeon

Sebbin Nasal Stent Stuation

Nasal stent in situation